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There are lots of ways you can help out around the 1908 Courthouse. You can help out when we have work days - this is usually cleanup and trimming around the outside or decorating the courthouse for the holidays.

Call us at (276) 773-3711 to let us know you want to help out and we can let you know when and how to can pitch in!


Make a donation to the Historic 1908 Courthouse Foundation. Your dollars help us maintain and preserve the historic, architectual treasure that is the 1908 Courthouse.

Make a donation using PayPal or your credit card by clicking on the button below or at the top of the page.

Make a Recurring Donation

You can use PayPal to make recurring donations in any amount you like. You can also choose the frequency (Monthly, or Yearly) your donation is made. This is a wonderful way to provide on-going support.


When would you like this donation to occur?
How many times would you like this to recur? (including this payment)
Enter Your Donation Amount


Don't want to use PayPal?

If you would rather send us your contribution directly, mail your check to:

Historic 1908 Courthouse Foundation
PO Box 336
Independence, VA 24348

Your contribution is tax deductible (we are a 501 (c) (3) organization) and will go toward the maintenance of the building. If you have a specific use in mind for your donation, please let us know.

Mailing List

We currently have a postal-service mailing list and we are establishing an Email list. We would like to use Email more for communicating with our friends.

If you would like to join our Email list to receive updates about the Historic 1908 Courthouse Foundation, click here.